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Mary B. and Sylvester Shaw
The Faces Of Shaw’s Garage & Body Shop

The Faces Of  Shaw’s Garage & Body Shop

      After declaring their love for each other and while raising six children Mary B. and Sylvester Shaw had never waver in their faith in God(in Christ Jesus) to own and operate their own family business with the desire to help thy neighbor and community and anyone seeking their help in an emergency if the person vehicle broke down or preventive care to assure that their vehicle maintain operational stability.

Thus in the fall of 1961(still raising their six children) with their faith in God and the  love and trust for each other and a lot of hard work  the foundation for Shaw’s Garage was laid and finally opening their doors in 1962 with the dreams being realized to serve the community(s).

While our parents are absent without their bodies but are present with the Lord God, their spirits are still present here and in the daily’s operation of Shaw’s Garage & Body Shop with the same desire and goals to serve God(in Christ Jesus) thy neighbor and community and everyone that we interface with.

After all Mary Brown Shaw and Sylvester Shaw Sr, will always be the Faces Of Shaw’s Garage & Body Shop.